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Free Cooking Facebook Cover Template

Facebook Cover Template for food page facebook cover photo design new 2023 .. I offer you a free psd template
Dedicated to food pages on Facebook. This design is very special and will make followers rethink their food.

What is a facebook banner?

Facebook cover design is the first thing that grabs the attention of Facebook fans and browsers from desktop or mobile devices.

Facebook has become an essential part of daily life for many people, some use it to message friends, or to follow new friends, and others use it for business.
Cover photos are an important part of Facebook and can make a huge difference in how people view a user’s page.

There are many ways to create a Facebook cover design that are effective and unique
Like creating a Facebook cover design through Photoshop, or through the Canva website.

Cover photos help create a strong user presence on Facebook and can help attract new followers who are interested in a user’s page.


Facebook cover size

Facebook cover size ideal size 815 * 315

The importance of a cover

1- The design expresses the interest of the page
2- It gives the impression to your followers that you are a professional person
3- Design cannot be neglected
4- The cover image expresses the purpose of the page

Design preview: food page facebook cover


food page facebook cover photo design


Design features:


food page template
elegant design
free lines
vector shapes
modern colors
psd template
free facebook cover
Size 815 * 315
Facebook Cover Ready Design PSD


Download Facebook Cover Template cooking

You don’t need to be a designer, you don’t need to make a ready-made design with canva
Our website, we offer you a Facebook Cover Design PSD Template, all you have to do is edit some text, Food Facebook Cover Design Free Download

Download link


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