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What is a logo design

What is a logo design, its types, and how do you define the logo?

What is a logo design, its types, and how do you define the logo? .. The logo is the first thing that the customer sees, whether on the YouTube channel, the online store, or the website, and it is the most thing the customer will remember you by. What is a logo, what are the types of logos, and how do you define a logo and be suitable for you. This is what we will learn about through this publication.

what is a logo design | Logo concept:

A logo is a picture or a visual illustration, which is the specific face by which a person, institution, company, product, or even a specific country is identified.

Examples of logos:

  • mercedes company logo
  • Pepsi company logo for soft drinks
  • bmw . logo

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Types of Logos | How do you define the logo?

There are 6 types of logos that you can choose and compare between them to find out what is right for you when creating a brand or private business.

1- (Lettermark)

This type of logo consists of the brand’s initials, and usually consists of a number of letters ranging from 2 to 4 letters.This type of logo is used by many brands with long names, so the logo in this case is small in size and easy to remember for customers.This type depends in its design on the text more than any other factor and thus appears in an easy and simple way for the audience.It is also possible to adopt one letter of the brand name and design this letter in the logo in a distinctive way.

Example :

Lettermark Logo Ex
Lettermark Logo Ex

2- Text Logo

This type of logo consists of the full brand name without any abbreviations.This type is used in the case of an attractive and distinctive name for the brand,
and the logo is more text-based, and the focus in this case is on the type of font and the way it is drawn. This type aims to seamlessly associate the brand name in the minds of the audience without any difficulty or complexity.The most important point in this type is choosing the font in which the logo will be designed, either it is an electronic font type or a hand font type drawn specifically for the store logo. . The more successful you choose the type of font, the more distinctive and high-quality the final look of your store logo will appear.

Example: Google’s logo

google Logo
google Logo

3- Icon

This type of logo is an icon only without any text, whether that icon directly expresses the brand name
Like the apple logo or twitter
The icon may not represent the brand name in any way such as the Pepsi or Adidas logo

. The icon that is directly related to the brand is a catalyst to associate the icon with your brand in the minds of the target audience.

As for the second form, which does not directly express the brand name, it gives more space to use more distinctive icons, whether in the design itself or in colors, and therefore it is difficult to repeat.

And remember that in this type, the image that expresses the store’s logo will remain associated with your brand in mind, so you must choose its design carefully and professionally.

Pepsi logo
Pepsi logo

In this type, you can start designing a logo that includes an icon and text, and after your audience’s mind is attached to the name and its spread among the target group, you can rely on the icon only.

An example is Nike

Nike logo
Nike logo

4- cartoon logo

This type of logo consists of a design for a cartoon character,

whether it is a person or an animal that expresses the brand in some way.

This type of logo creates a strong link between your brand and your target audience and the personality within the logo, because the audience will associate in their mind your name with the character on your logo. This type of logo is suitable for brands associated with children and the family in general.

Example :

Pringles logo png
Pringles logo png

5- Composite logo

This type of logo combines the idea of ​​a symbol and a text at the same time.

In this type, text and symbol can be placed side by side, placed on top of each other,

or combined together to form one image at the end.

. The most characteristic of this type is its ease of access to the customer and its stability

in the mind because it combines the text with the drawn symbol or character, and for this reason this logo

will help you to enhance your brand.

Example :

burger king logo
burger king logo

6- A symbolic emblem

This type of logo is similar to a compound logo with the idea of ​​combining text and symbol,
But it differs from the compound in terms of the method of composition and final form.

This type of logo tends to the classic traditional form and is

the oldest type of logo and gives a sense of antiquity and originality.

It is used in designing the logos of clubs, private and government institutions.

This type is characterized by its abundance of details and the inseparable link of text and symbol,

which is why this type is less diverse than the rest and is more difficult to make adjustments to.

Example :

What is a logo design
What is a logo design

After we mentioned the different types of logos and the advantages and disadvantages of each type,
Now you have to think about your brand and the name of your online store
To determine the most appropriate type of logo for your store.

As the store logo will be a strong starting point for you
A good choice of the store logo will facilitate many marketing steps in the future.
Try to start the discussion early with the designer who will implement the logo,

and ask his opinion on the proposed form of the design.

Because the designer has enough experience to help you choose the right type and colors for you
And implement it in a way that satisfies you and achieves you a distinctive brand
A strong launch for your online store.

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